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China Light Calais

China Light Calais will take place at the centrally located Saint-Pierre park in the city of Calais from 20 October 2018 to 6 January 2019. Dozens of Chinese artists will convert Saint-Pierre park into a fairy-tale paradise with luminous sculptures and fantastic shows. The place to visit during the darker months.


China Light brought the Chinese tradition of light festivals to Calais. There are varying stories about the origin of light festivals. For hundreds of years on the 15th day of the first Chinese month, Chinese lanterns were lit to pray for a good harvest and to please Taiyi, the god of the sky.


Another legend tells of a god who wanted to set fire to the earth to punish humanity. An old wise man came up with the solution to light torches, lanterns and firework. When the god thought that the earth was already on fire, he left the people alone.


China Light Festival B.V. is bringing this tradition to Europe. Several very successful light festivals have already been organised in the Netherlands and Belgium. Get to know a tradition that has been celebrated in China for centuries.



China Light Festival B.V.

China Light Festival B.V. brings the Chinese tradition of light festivals to France. With the latest technology, China Light Festival B.V. offers a unique festival full of luminous objects. In addition, several activities such as Chinese performances and workshops will be provided. Visitors will imagine that they are in the magical world of China.


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